DIY: Make Your Own Mini Succulent Garden

A succulent mini garden is perfect if you don’t have a green thumb but need a little life in the house. Because these green plants not only look pretty, modern and somehow minimalist – they are also not particularly demanding in terms of care. I will show you how you can make a succulent mini garden for your living room or your workplace yourself.

You can plant your mini succulents in a jar or you can use a beautiful ceramic pot for it, it’s a matter of taste. Decorating with succulents is super easy and really quick. You don’t need a lot for it.


  • A bowl (made of glass or ceramic)
  • Pebbles
  • Succulent soil
  • Mini succulents, depending on the size of your bowl, 5-6 pieces can look very pretty
  • Possibly succulent fertilizer
  • Accessories


And this is how you make your own mini succulent garden:

  1. As the first layer, you have to fill a few pebbles in your glass bowl or ceramic pot. They later help to ensure that the potting soil is not permanently wet and that the plants do not start to rot. The water can run off a little through the stones.
  1. Then you fill up the potting soil. Cactus soil has proven itself for succulents, as it is somewhat coarser than normal potting soil and therefore also allows the water to drain off better. Succulents like it too dry rather than too wet (and that’s why they are so easy to care for!).
  1. Now you have to see how you want to arrange your mini succulents. Since I chose a bowl that is a little higher at the back, I also used the higher plants at the back. Just give it a try and when you’ve made up your mind, it’s time to plant.

Simply make small hollows with your hands in which to plant the succulents. If you like it so much, fill in so much soil that the plants “sit-in” correctly and at ground level.

Now you can decorate your mini succulent garden with the remaining pebbles. In the pictures, you can see how I made a small rim in the glass. In the meantime, I have poured the pebbles all over the world, which I like much better.

Don’t forget to water the plants now.

Your self-made DIY mini succulent garden is ready! That went really fast, didn’t it? Most of the time is probably spent deciding on suitable plants in the flower shop.