DIY: Pallet Decor

Today I will show you a pallet decor tutorial with which you can easily beautify your  garden or apartment. From a simple pallet, we quickly conjure up a huge candlestick that can also be easily turned into a small shelf. So multi-functional, we love that!

DIY Pallet Decor

The pallet decor is once again one of my wedding DIY projects. We used the pallets to set up candles and lanterns in front of the location and also as a lateral separation from the DJ stage. It shouldn’t fall off! The beautiful things are of course much too good to throw away and that’s why they are now getting their second chance as patio decorations with my parents. Decorated to match the season. In the photos you can see the autumn variant. Ready for the tutorial? Here we go!

Pallet Decor- What You Need

  • A pallet, of course
  • A couple of boards and screws
  • White paint and brush
  • Cordless drill and saw
  • Decoration

How to do it

Step 1: Paint. Depending on where you found your pallet, you may have to clean it a little first. We decided on every second board and painted it with a light brush. This creates the popular shabby-chick look and the wood still shimmers through.

Step 2: Sawing . Now look for two boards and place them across the pallet. Mark the protruding end and saw the boards to the correct length.

Step 3: Screws. Lay the first board flat on the pallet and screw it down. You can then easily place the second board on the first board and screw it on. Now it floats like a shelf in front of the pallet. To be on the safe side, you can also drill through the pallet into the board again from behind.

Step 4: Decorating . There are no limits to your imagination. Just get started.


Of course you can not only use the finished product as a candlestick but also use the pallet decor tutorial to build a small shelf with the same technology. Simply screw a few more shelves onto the pallet. Then you can use the pallet as a piece of furniture, for example to present your cookbooks nicely!