Smiling DIY Succulent Planters

Make your succulents stand out with these adorable Smiling DIY Succulent Planters. Easy to make and fun to display, these planters make fun gifts. I just love to give succulents as a gift. These fun little plants are easy to take care of, but do need lots of sunlight. The great news is, artificial succulents look a lot like the real deal and require no maintenance at all.

What You’ll Need

Makes up to 12 Succulent Planters

  • DIY Square Flower Pots
  • DIY Ceramic Tea Cup Planters
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Markers
  • Sponge Paintbrush
  • Natural Moss
  • Faux Succulents


Using a sponge paint brush and the white acrylic paint, paint the planter completely and let dry. I started out with the cute tea cup planter first.


With another sponge paint brush, apply the gold acrylic paint on the plate for the tea cup.


Once the paint has dried on the planter, you are ready to draw the smiling face. I loved keeping it simple and doing these closed eyes with lashes. Using the Paint Marker in black made this part so easy. They also dry quickly, which is a bonus in my book.


Measure out some floral foam and cut it to fit your planter. Then begin to place your succulents into the foam.


Take your moss and place it around and in between the succulents to cover any floral foam that may be showing.


Stand back and admire your work.


Here’s a peek at the different smiling faces that I did on the succulent planters. I think they turned out really cute and look fun on this shelf I have in my sitting room.